At a time when our nation needed principled men and women of honor, we found that we had a majority of political creatures of no moral fiber who caved in to Chicago-style politics and arm-twisting. Isn’t it strange that Madame Pelosi sat on the Massa scandal until she tried to use it to garner his vote for ObamaCare.

We are putting the worst of them on this site–hopefully for a short time until their next election when they will once again join the ranks of us normal citizens.


Se. Chuck Schumer: His comment that drove me to my first TEA Party

Sen. Chuck Schumer on the “Stimulus” Pork:

“The American people really don’t care” about the “little, porky” amendments, he said.

Now, it’s up to us to tell him and all of our congressmen that we DO care.

Please join us in our battle for liberty, and the future of America.